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San Diego County Realtor By carlanell,  4th March 2016 San Diego County has a lot of positive features that make up great living standards, engaging attractions and residential benefits. When it comes to the residential side, the county has grown over the past few decades in new subdivisions and homes. The growth has added to an already huge array of neighborhoods. The selection of these neighborhoods is so diverse that it is easy to find nearly any type of home you can imagine. From historical and pre-war homes, to post-war, mid-century, modern and brand new, there ‘s something likely to suite every taste, style, size and location. And if there isn’t, there’s likely a custom home just waiting to be built for you, in an ideal location. You’ll find Tudor, Craftsman and other classic styles. You’ll find California ranch, contemporary, modern, ultra-modern and more. You’ll find everything from cozy beach side bungalows and cottages to  lavish luxury homes  and posh mansions. If y

Fallbrook East West and In between

Fallbrook East West and In between By carlanell,  5th June 2016 Although many of us have heard of Fallbrook and some have been there, have you ever wondered about its profile and where exactly it falls on the map? It may be a bit of a mystery to some. For example, why does it abruptly end on the west side? There seems to be lots of open country in that area,  plenty of room to grow as a town. Fallbrook is flanked on the east by the I -15. It is also flanked there by the Pala Indian Reservation. Could it be that another reservation sits on the west side? And what exactly makes up Fallbrook east west and inbetween? That is the general gist of Fallbrook’s geographical location. It’s in a hilly, rural area whose limits are set, by and large by reservations and protected areas. While the Pala Native American land spreads out further east, the land to the west is Uncle Sam’s. Camp Pendelton is huge. It is the simple answer to our first question. Many Sides of Fallbrook East West

Poway Homes and Neighborhoods

Poway Homes and Neighborhoods By carlanell,  6th May 2016    Poway covers a large area located in northeast San Diego County, California. Poway was once a rural hub for many ranches and country homes. Horse farms and stables were common. The area had a pleasing back drop of crisp, clean breezes, lush open spaces, valleys and hills. Poway has grown since and become a lovely, prosperous town. Much of its rural space has become built out or semi-rural. Although, it still hosts plenty of horse properties, ranches, stables and arenas, keeping an accent on country-style living in many sections. You can go to the rodeo, and attend other special horse shows right in town. At the same time,  Poway homes and neighborhoods  include scores of master-planned subdivisions. These have brought upscale living options to thousands, who want something more suburban and modern. Some of the subdivisions like Sabre Springs, for example are quite large. They host a wide variety of home types and st

Encinitas Communities

Encinitas Communities By carlanell,  7th April 2016 Encinitas is an idyllic, harmonious town on the coast in San Diego North County. The town began with what is now called Old Encinitas. It was a beautiful little coastal enclave that brought a smile to anyone’s face who visited. Its beaches and stunning location by the ocean is still a sight for sore eyes. Since its early days as a community, Encinitas has grown, adding the area called New Encinitas.  Encinitas real estate , in New Encinitas has more recent, upscale tract homes. It has many luxury and custom homes. Encinitas grew still more after 1986. At that time, it incorporated neighbor towns. These Encinitas communities are unique jewels of their own for Southern California coastal culture and life. There are three of them. They have a life and story all their own. Encinitas Communities – Cardiff, Leucadia and Olivenhain Cardiff (also called Cardiff by the Sea) is the southernmost of Encinitas communities. It sits b

Vista CA Homes and Neighborhoods

Vista CA Homes and Neighborhoods By carlanell,  9th June 2016    Vista is a johnny-come-lately, boom town in San Diego North County, California. Not that Vista hasn’t been around for awhile. It just didn’t grow a lot until more recent times in the history of the county. Vista’s growth has been a stunning success story, though. It’s carved out an impressive niche inland of Oceanside and the coast. Vista is quite self-contained, with a thriving business and residential back drop. Vista CA homes and neighborhoods stand out. They come brimming with a great mix of fine features and high quality of life. Folks of all age groups, family sizes and income types are attracted to them. Nearly anyone can find something to choose from in  Vista CA homes for sale . Vista CA Homes and Neighborhoods – Tailor Made for Gracious Living Real estate in Vista covers existing homes and neighborhoods. It covers new homes and subdivisions. Luxury estates and custom home sites add upscale appeal.

University City Community and UTC

University City Community By carlanell,  7th May 2016   University City is town in San Diego, California, by the La Jolla area. It includes well-established and newer attached and detached homes,  businesses and services. The University City community makes up the east side of the La Jolla area, between the I-5 and the I-805. The I-52 edges it on the south. The merger of I-5 & I-805 edges it on the north. There are a number of main roads that take you through University City. They include La Jolla Village Dr. going east/west, and Genesee Blvd. going north/south. Keep going west on La Jolla Village Dr., and you’ll find yourself at UCSD and soon after, near the sparkling Pacific. University City Community Homes, Neighborhoods and Highlights You will find lots of grocery stores, small and big businesses. You will find hospitals, swank shopping centers, boutiques and restaurants in the University City community. Here is where you’ll also find great neighborhoods, schools, par

UCSD at La Jolla

UCSD at La Jolla By carlanell,  10th May 2016 University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is one of the features that defines La Jolla, the coastal town that hosts the university. UCSD at La Jolla covers hundreds of acres. It has also grown over the past several decades. It sits between the I-5 and the Pacific coastline. Part of the campus also stretches east, past the I-5, including student housing and the East Campus. Main entrances include Villa La Jolla Dr., Gilman Dr. and UCSD Northpoint Dr. UCSD at La Jolla sits on a mesa with its west side posing in an ideal spot against the Pacific coastline.  It’s a beautiful campus that’s covered with not only state-of-the-art buildings and classrooms but lush green spaces and tree groves. Rabbits, squirrels and birds of prey are common sites, as students make their way from class to class. The UCSD library building sits in the heart of the university. Photographed many times, it’s become something of an icon for the school and it’